Our Performance-Based Rates

Gross Revenue up to $5,000 week total.  5%

Example. $4800 x 5% = $240 our rate.

Gross Revenue $5,000 up to $8,000 week total. (The Percentage % Rate matches the Dollar $ Rate)

Example. Weekly Load Revenue $6800 x 6.8% = $462 our rate)

10 or more trucks? Call us for special rates!

We create profitable lanes for owner-operators and small to medium-sized fleets as part of our “Trucking Company Growth” plan. 

Our carriers understand that to be successful long term (not just find them a good load or two) they need to work together with us… (continue)

The Scenario: You have a driver who wants to get home weekends to see his family and take his 34 hr reset.

We’ll then use all our resources to find loads that will help you accomplish your goals. For example:

  • stay within the driver’s regional area, usually less than 2 days out or approximately 1200 miles (if in a A/B back and forth type of route)
  • offer the best pay
  • preference of lighter loads (less than 40,000 lbs.)
  • limited loads going to grocery or beer warehouses (or any customers with a history of long wait times, the least desirable receiving appointment times 
  • Bottom line, we try to make the driver’s job, and YOUR job as a motor carrier, a bit easier and less stressful. 

Special Offer for New Carriers!
Dispatch Services 50% OFF
total rate for the 1st week.