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The U.S. 1st Dispatch Management Team Has over 50 years of trucking experience in dry van, reefer, flatbed, and power-only.

Most new motor carriers go out of business their first year.  One of the main reasons is because they try to do too much themselves.

Maybe this sounds familiar… 

You own the company. You’re an owner-operator still driving your own rig.  Of course you have to find your own loads.

Often this means getting up early to look the leftovers on the load board.

Did you know, even first thing in the morning, these loads are the leftovers. The scraps… the brokers have already given their better loads to their regular carriers.

Even if you get a great load, once you’ve delivered, you’ll still have to search the load boards to find your next load.  In contrast, a broker’s “regular carriers” may already have their next load lined up. 

You want to BE one of those regular carriers. And that’s what we’ll help you do!

You need a Dispatching SYSTEM.

These are just a FEW of the areas where We'll help you

Unlike many other Dispatching Services out, there we do more than simply find loads for you and handle a few back office tasks.

We will help you GROW your trucking company.

And when it comes to finding loads, we certainly don’t just rely on load boards. 

It’s all about connection. Networking. Constant ongoing communication. Relationships.

What I’m getting at… truckers love to DRIVE. It’s the freedom of the road. Playing music. Listening to shows. DE stressing. Seeing the sights. Enjoying the scenery. Talking on the CB with fellow drivers (Yes, there are a FEW old timers left out there driving and actually talking on the radio).

Some everyday occurrences that can cause stress

Not knowing what you’re going to do… after you deliver your next load / when you wake up 

Not knowing where you’re going next. This one is not always a bad thing, I know. It’s one of the great things about trucking. But other times, like later in my driving career when I had a family that I had to get home to. THEN, I wanted to KNOW. 

Having to find loads during your off-duty and sleeper time.

I KNOW you're not looking for loads AS you're driving down the road... Or ARE YOU? LOL.
(Yes, I will admit... even I'VE done it!)
Think of the stress you'd feel if you got into an accident because you weren't paying attention to the road, and all the things that would happen after that.
Jim Purcell

More stressful Things (that Won't Be Stressful When You Work With Us)

  1. Deciding whether you should take this high paying load that’s going to an area (Florida, Colorado, etc.) where loads are in short supply.
  2. Having to CALL BROKERS. What rate SHOULD be making?)
  3. Having to NEGOTIATE with brokers. (Randomly asking for 10% more when you don’t know the 
  4. Answering calls from Brokers 
  5. Keeping paperwork/ records/ contracts/ invoices/ etc organized and stored for easy access.

Dispatchers with REAL WORLD Trucking Experience

Our professional dispatchers were either truck drivers with real OTR experience or were trained directly by our team.

Whether you’re an OTRW (Over the Road Warrior) or you prefer to get home and see the family every week (or you have a fleet of such drivers), your dedicated dispatchers will be on top of it.

A successful trucking business is one that is profitable, has a good reputation with brokers and shippers, and has safety and compliance squared away. 

Just call or text us.

We’ll get some information from you, most importantly how you like to run, and what your goals are. We’ll answer ANY questions you might  have. We want you to be confident that you’re making the right move.


You’ll get the truth. If we can’t offer you what you’re looking for, we’ll at least try to steer you in the right direction.


We're ALWAYS HERE For Our Carriers!